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Tina - The Tina Turner Musical

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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

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Sunday, 11 February 2024

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2 hours 45 minutes

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The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll is coming to the West End! Tina Turner is producing a musical, aptly named TINA, about her life – the multi-Grammy Award-winning singer, whose career spans seven decades, will open the show at the Aldwych Theatre in March 2018. This promises to be a real highlight in the 2018 calendar, so book those tickets now!

Turner’s extensive songbook includes such classics as ‘River Deep, Mountain High’, ‘Simply The Best’ and ‘Proud Mary’, which across her career won her 11 Grammy awards, sold over 180 million records and inducted her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with more concert tickets sold than any other solo performer in history.

TINA will tell of the singer’s life, from growing up in Nutbush, Tennessee, through her turbulent partnership with Ike Turner, to defying the bounds of age, gender and race as a successful recording artist with multi-platinum albums and a James Bond theme song to her name. The production will be directed by Phyllida Lloyd, whose last West End production was the still-running global success, Mamma Mia!. Lloyd brings back a number of her collaborators, including choreographer Anthony van Laast, designer Mark Thompson and musical supervisor Nicholas Skilbeck, to lend their magical touch to TINA.

Tickets for TINA are currently on sale from 21 March – 16 June 2018. Book now and enjoy a rock ‘n’ roll highlight of 2018.

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Young Couples:

I like the way the story comes alive on stage, please bring a handkerchief to tab away your tears and to get up on your feet and dance to some iconic tunes.
Sophia, 02 Jun 2023
Simply the best
The show was set on her life from a child it was amazing had seat a38 in dress circle full view of stage not suitable for a tall as limited leg room
brian, 02 Jun 2023
A great story with amazing singing
Steven, 01 Jun 2023
A real must see!
An uplifting and vibrant show celebrating the life of Tina Turner. It’s not just a tribute act, you can almost feel Tina in the room. Highly recommend.
Janet, 01 Jun 2023
Honours the memory of an Icon
superb show and the finale, wow
Mark, 31 May 2023
All the emotions in one show
A must see. Interesting story, amazing music and great party atmosphere to finish!
Stacy, 28 May 2023
Simply The Best
Kristina Love was amazing. So much energy and she carried that show ably supported by a fantastic cast and musicians.
Clare, 28 May 2023
Very well presented
The show was very emotional
Agathoulla, 28 May 2023
A wonderful tribute
Great show . I was blown away by the performers and there energy. I would definitely recommended this show. A very intimate theater .
Ronald, 25 May 2023
Saw this the afternoon after Tina passed away. Nice tribute from the cast and they did her proud. Very enjoyable show.
Trevor, 25 May 2023
Tina the legend Queen of Soul
The show is an incredible journey through the life of an Icon. From the poor upbringing and brutality of a father and a mother who gave up on her. It shows the strength and belief of a wonderful who knew she would make it and her dream would come true
Rae, 25 May 2023
Fabulous Show
Superb Show, would go again.
Samantha, 25 May 2023
An absolute must see - acting at its finest
An absolutely award winning show. The story line is thought provoking and the acting is amazing. Towards the end, everyone and I mean everyone is out of their seats singing and dancing……
Andrew, 21 May 2023
Amazing show
From start to finish this was probably one of the best shows I have been too. The acting was amazing as well as the singing. I need to see this again !!! Totally recommend it
francesca, 18 May 2023
Fantastic will defo go and see again.
The person who played Tina turner was fantastic.sounded just like the real lady.i truly thought it was amazing.
Michaela, 18 May 2023
My goodness what a ride, highly recommended
This was an out if this world show, hugely recommended for anyone who appreciates the theater and talent
Charlene, 14 May 2023
Very talented actors and actresses. Great story
(Saturday matinee) I truly enjoyed the show and had been looking forward to it for quite some time. The show began 30 minutes late, which interfered with dinner reservations, and so I had to leave prior to the end.
Maggie, 14 May 2023
An absolutely great show it was the second time I’ve seen it before today was the second time - I’d recommend to all but not younger children they might get restless -
Kath, 11 May 2023
Fantastic Talents
Brilliant evening enjoyed very much - the singing was exceptional & the energy out of this world
Sharon, 11 May 2023
Absolutely amazing show and cast
A must see absolutely brilliant from start to end
Dena, 09 May 2023
Amazing experience!!!!
It started slowly but the cast were very strong and gave a high energy entertaining performance throughout.
Shahid, 07 May 2023
Very moving
A very moving story, which accurately tracks key moments in Tina’s life and career. Brilliant use of linking her songs into the story line. We were quite emotional at the interval. Second half very different and wow what a talented group of performers. Such powerful voices, which is why it is so worthwhile going to a live show
Anthony, 05 May 2023
Second time I have seen show. Loved it first time and even more this time
stella, 04 May 2023
Wonderful enjoyable evening
Magnificent first half. First half after the intermission less convincing. Fantastic finale. Overall, tremendously enjoyable evening Football
Michael, 02 May 2023
Superb show which tells a very poignant but uplifting story
The cast were excellent and we really enjoyed this show. The lead who played Tina was magnificent and well supported by the others.
Catriona, 02 May 2023
Simply the best
Great show,cast were brilliant.Good view,we sat in L7&L8 in dress circle.
Martin, 28 Apr 2023
A great show of Tina Turner's life.
The seats were fantastic for the price we paid. Only at the very end, we had to crouch to see her head, only because we were standing and dancing.
Gabriella, 27 Apr 2023
Fantastic show and story of Tina, advise to order interval drinks before the show, no queuing.
Susan, 26 Apr 2023
Inspirational . a legendary lady !
The show is inspirational, emotional, dynamic and exhilarating. I was spellbound from the start to the end ... a phenomenal performance by Elisha Paul Moses and the cast.
Richard, 26 Apr 2023
Excellent performance, must see
This show is phenomenal. Went as part of a hen weekend. It was a great night out for a night out with friends. The person playing Tina was fantastic. The music, dancing and acting by all involved was excellent. It really brings you into Tina's life. Would highly recommend it.
Louise, 24 Apr 2023
Uplifting Tina Turner
Great show. Great music and great acting. Wonderful ending!
Stephen, 24 Apr 2023
Wonderful entertainment.
Would recommend strongly.
Nan, 22 Apr 2023
A must see show.
The entire cast and Tina band were amazing but the leading lady was way beyond amazing. I would glady go again.
Soultana, 19 Apr 2023
The music, the singing, the dancing… it was spectacular!!! The main character has a better voice than the real Tina Turner. Such a good show! 15/10 recommend it for anyone!!!
Claudia, 16 Apr 2023
Fab show
Pacy, great singers and actors and brilliant band. It was fabulous from start to finish.
Denise, 15 Apr 2023
On the money
Amazing likeness on all parts. Acting fantastic, music and singing couldn’t have been better. Tina you are simply the best.
Jannine, 14 Apr 2023
Play or Musical?
In my opinion, Tina, the musical, mixes spousal abuse with music and leaves the audience to feel what? Dwells heavily on Ike’s abuse of Tina and overrides with Tina’s music. It is not a musical feel good until very end when they rev it. Prior to that, her music is overshadowed by Ike’s dominance and Tina’s submissiveness. If that is the producer’s message, they achieved it
Les, 14 Apr 2023
Must see
Fantastic from start to finish
Deborah, 14 Apr 2023
Excellent show.
It was excellent. Story is good, based on true events, with many jokes made us laughing.
Andrea, 12 Apr 2023
Bought tickets for husbands birthday & he so enjoyed it! So engaging & entertaining & the finale was fantastic.
Bought tickets for husband birthday & he thoroughly enjoyed it! So entertaining & engaging with a fantastic finale! So much energy at the end, felt like we were a Tina Turner concert! We would watch this show again, thoroughly recommended.
Angela, 12 Apr 2023
A fabulous show
The show was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone, even if you are not a fan of Tina. The songs were excellent
Robert, 11 Apr 2023
Five Star!
I have seen a lot of musicals and this was the most exceptional ever in every way!
Jane, 11 Apr 2023
So much high energy loved it
So good some racism and swearing so maybe not for young children but teenagers onwards
Suzanne, 07 Apr 2023
This is musical theater at its best
What's not to like about a true story about a woman who had a dream, held back with rascism anda dominant brutal husband! She came through at 40yrs old because one person could see what she was & believed in her. Thank goodness❤️ The Tina we saw was also Simply the best, & we were able to join in at the end FABULOUS
Jacqueline, 06 Apr 2023
Great singing, acting and story. A great true story of self determination. Had a super evening powerful atmosphere throughout and finale really good.
Ivan, 06 Apr 2023
Energetic, professional performances from all
We were at the back of the dress circle and it sounded a bit faint to begin with but soon became stunning. Good views of stage even though we were in the back row. My husband got sciatica and one of the staff members kindly brought him a cushion so that he could half lean/ half sit on the hand rail in a standing position for the second half of the show. Way above and beyond her duties. We were so grateful. The seats were comfortable, problem due to my husbands health not the seats. Absolutely stunning show.
Susan, 05 Apr 2023
Fantastic story very well told. Great acting and singing by all of the cast. Best west end show we have ever seen.
Best Westend show we have ever seen. Musically brilliant. All main cast outstanding especially Elesha Paul Moses as Tina Turner
Damon, 02 Apr 2023
A wonderful evening
This show is a definite must see, the music, the acting, the costumes, the stage settings were incredible
leslie, 01 Apr 2023
Okay but not simply the best
This show is okay and if you can get cheap tickets worth seeing. I only paid £20. The singing, in the main was average, albeit I accept Tina Turner is probably a hard act to replicate .
Mark, 31 Mar 2023
not to be missed
we enjoyed the show it had humour and if you closed your eyes you would have thought it was tina turner performing live.
Rachael, 31 Mar 2023
Well constructed story line. Great acting and singing.. you would swear it was Tina herself. Created great empathy for her life and the struggles she went through and boy great musuc and delivery
James, 31 Mar 2023
not to be missed
Probably best musical I have seen. Singing was so good that it is hard to believe it,s not the real Tina Turner. You leave the theatre feeling you want to see the show again. Brilliant.
Michael, 30 Mar 2023
Out of this world
Out of this world lovely to be with beautiful people from all ages sexs races and religion all und one roof having a great night 🥰. Something for all the family
Wayne, 30 Mar 2023
Hilarious, awesome
Awesome show
Andrea, 29 Mar 2023
One to see
An absolute smasher from the start. Be prepared for a few swear words and racial terms but an absolute amazing cast and show.
Nigel, 28 Mar 2023
If you are a Tina Turner fan
Interesting story, ok music, good actors. Especially “Tina”
Angela, 27 Mar 2023
Fantastic, best we have seen
Brilliant show, highly recommend
Wayne, 27 Mar 2023
A great show !!
It was an amazing show !! The acting was unbeleavable !! A great experience !! I loved it !!
Mireille, 26 Mar 2023
Best show in town
Tina will remain on the top 3 of the best musicals I have seen in London so far. The leading actress and singer is an outstanding performer and a real star ! Congratulations to the entire crew for this amazing show that I will never forget !
Christophe, 26 Mar 2023
Absolutely amazing!!!!!
Roger, 26 Mar 2023
Fantastic acting and singing the kids were brilliant
The show was very entertaining and lively a real feel good feeling and good fun
Pamela, 25 Mar 2023
A Spectacular Show, not to be missed
Arrived 45 minutes before show, easy entrance, all staff totally respectful. If you bring a bag expect it to be checked. Amazing opening to the show, you could easily immerse yourself into each era that was being portrayed. The musical was spectacular, I couldn't believe how the lead Tina could keep singing and the dialog with the fast-paced routines. The amazing voice of the actor playing Ike. The costumes were brilliant, really superb representation of Tina's life. The unexpexted humour had me belly chuckling, and even some of the songs brought tears to my eyes with the emotion from the stage. The band, wow, they did an awesome job. I have waited 3 years to see this show, and the show did not disappoint. Would see it again if it comes on tour to closer to home.
Paula, 25 Mar 2023
Tina Turner Musical was Brilliant
I felt like I was on the stage . The music was outstanding & the singing incredible !!
leigh, 24 Mar 2023
Must see
Excellent show. Main singer was fantastic.
Elizabeth, 24 Mar 2023
Too much dialogue
The music and choreography were outstanding but they wasted time dragging through Tina’s life story which is so well known
Stephen, 23 Mar 2023
Tina Turner Musical
Absolutely fabulous show - very talented cast and ‘Tina Turner’ was fantastic Highly recommend Quite a small theatre so viability brilliant
Zoe, 23 Mar 2023
A must see! Amazing amazing amazing:)
Esther, 22 Mar 2023
Emotional story
Better than expected the party finale was a bonus treat to make up for having to sit down most of the time.
Paul, 22 Mar 2023
Brilliant show
The show was really good and fun to watch would go see it again
Mark, 19 Mar 2023
Brilliant night
Superb nights entertainment , cast excellent would happily come back and watch it again .
James, 19 Mar 2023
You absolutely have to see this!!
Wow, the energy, the passion was beyond what I’d imagined. A truly incredible show!
Paula, 19 Mar 2023
Must see
All round excellent show
Steve, 16 Mar 2023
Great cast and performance was amazing. Really enjoyed the show!
Helen Patricia, 15 Mar 2023
Must see
Brilliant show,
Terry, 15 Mar 2023
Simply The Best
Have had an opportunity to go to the theater on several occasions. Without a doubt, this is the best show I have ever experienced. And what an experience it was! The energy was contagious, the acting, brilliant, the singing spectacular. Can’t say enough good things about the performances.
Michael, 14 Mar 2023
Anthony, 12 Mar 2023
Fantastic energy
Excellent singing and acting
Anthony, 12 Mar 2023
Very entertaining
The main actress is absolutely stunning ! Great music also.
Pascale, 11 Mar 2023
Fantastic show, been 2 times, will go again. All performers phenomenally good just brilliant
Dovile, 11 Mar 2023
Loved it
Chris, 10 Mar 2023
The seats were excellent for the price. The music was amazing and the singing and acting was outstanding.
Beverley, 08 Mar 2023
Great show
Lots of fun with great music, good storyline and wonderful actors. Guaranteed to have a fun night.
Joseph, 07 Mar 2023
Simply Outstanding
If I could give it more than 5 Stars I would. The show was brilliant, great story and obviously music. I loved the Surprise mini Concert at the end, in case anyone didn’t get to see TT live. I’d love to go again!
Maria, 06 Mar 2023
very realistic
wonderful show music fantastic
linda, 05 Mar 2023
A must see
Fantastic musical covering Tina's story from the start of her music career until she reaches the top. Beautiful singing, costumes and acting.
Jacqueline, 04 Mar 2023
Thoroughly enjoyed the the show, actors were exceptional, didn’t like som of the language used it wasn’t necessary to the story, Although grown up Tina was amazing, little Tina was the star of the show
Tracey, 03 Mar 2023
Exceeded all expectations. My only advice would be to tell everyone you know to book a ticket. What a woman & what a life. She should be applauded for all she’s achieved in spite of those who tried to tear her down. Uplifting & joyous show,
Elinor, 03 Mar 2023
Must see
Amazing show, amazing seats, actors are amazing.
Amy, 01 Mar 2023
Brilliant retelling of 'The Tina Turner' story.
It is loud, so if you don't like loud rock music, beware.
JAMES, 01 Mar 2023
Theatre and a concert in one!
Fascinating and thought provoking story, with great music. The actress playing adult Tina had an incredible voice!
Tim, 28 Feb 2023
Amazing singing and choreography, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen
Debbie, 28 Feb 2023
Tina was amazing. So much energy and an incredible voice. Loved every minute of the show!
Fantastic, absolutely brilliant. Went with my mum who loves Tina, grew up with her music and it was fantastic. Had such a lovely time.
Izabela, 27 Feb 2023
Amazing show
From start to end the show was amazing - and her voice - what can I say, boy she could sing those songs Truly memorable - loved it
Russell, 26 Feb 2023
Definitely a must see
Omg one word Amazing definitely a show to be watched really good from start to finish
Wendy, 25 Feb 2023
Wonderful singers, musicians and actors. Zumba is nothing compared to the choreography of the actors, they show and extraordinary energy. We enjoyed so much.
Josue, 24 Feb 2023
Brilliant and unmissable show
Great story. Excellent lead performances. Tina's performance both moving and spectacular. Great support from the Band The staging very inventive and terrific lighting. A tribute to the real Tina Turner
Philip, 23 Feb 2023
Must see show
Great music and incorporating an interesting life story
Richard, 20 Feb 2023
Can’t say enough good things! AMAZING! Some vulgar language and domestic violence scenes so be aware. I will see it again! I would give it 6 stars if I could.
Amber, 20 Feb 2023
From start to finish it was brilliant , the actors where on there A game
Paul, 19 Feb 2023
This is the second time of seeing this show and myself and my husband enjoyed watching this as much as the first time brilliant acting and brilliant music a must see
Jackie, 18 Feb 2023