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Tina - The Tina Turner Musical

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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

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Sunday, 3 September 2023

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2 hours 45 minutes

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The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll is coming to the West End! Tina Turner is producing a musical, aptly named TINA, about her life – the multi-Grammy Award-winning singer, whose career spans seven decades, will open the show at the Aldwych Theatre in March 2018. This promises to be a real highlight in the 2018 calendar, so book those tickets now!

Turner’s extensive songbook includes such classics as ‘River Deep, Mountain High’, ‘Simply The Best’ and ‘Proud Mary’, which across her career won her 11 Grammy awards, sold over 180 million records and inducted her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with more concert tickets sold than any other solo performer in history.

TINA will tell of the singer’s life, from growing up in Nutbush, Tennessee, through her turbulent partnership with Ike Turner, to defying the bounds of age, gender and race as a successful recording artist with multi-platinum albums and a James Bond theme song to her name. The production will be directed by Phyllida Lloyd, whose last West End production was the still-running global success, Mamma Mia!. Lloyd brings back a number of her collaborators, including choreographer Anthony van Laast, designer Mark Thompson and musical supervisor Nicholas Skilbeck, to lend their magical touch to TINA.

Tickets for TINA are currently on sale from 21 March – 16 June 2018. Book now and enjoy a rock ‘n’ roll highlight of 2018.

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Young Couples:

Fantastic show! Emotive! Great cast, Great music, great dancing!
GRAINNE, 03 Oct 2022
Emotionally Impressive
DON'T BE LATE. Add a phone charging bank for foreign visitors. The jugs of ice water at intermission were nice. The air was warm in back stalls
Jeff, 03 Oct 2022
SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! The show was amazing! Every one in the cast was amazing! I can’t wait to see it in the United States!
Lauren, 30 Sep 2022
Deeply touching
I sat way up, "nosebleed" but I saw and heard all very well, and maybe the height added some drama. Lovely theatre!! The girl playing Tina was incredible. The whole thing made me MISS Tina Turner...
Kit, 30 Sep 2022
Great storytelling and wonderful music
An amazing experience, factually correct and a must for all Tina fans.
Antony, 27 Sep 2022
amazing music. So should come with a trigger warning
amazing music. So should come with a trigger warning. If you’re easily triggered by domestic violence, then the show will not be for you. The first half of the show is incredibly violent. Which is to be expected as we all know that Tina experienced a lot of domestic violence in her lifetime. But seeing it depicted in such a way was jarring. Also, the actor who played Ike turner was clearly a Brit attempting a black American accent. As a black American, it was cringey and honestly a bit offensive. The actress who played Tina was OK, but it felt like she screamed saying most of the songs. Overall the show was decent.
Amber, 25 Sep 2022
Amazing show, Powerful uplifting ending, Tina Turners part was portrayed so well by a fantastic singer.
Christian, 25 Sep 2022
Tina - Amazing Show
Loved every thing about the show.
Jennifer, 23 Sep 2022
Best musical we have seen in a long time
Best show for a long time
Dianna, 22 Sep 2022
Well acted and well sung
Very good enjoyable show with good seats
Duncan, 18 Sep 2022
Tina Turner is an inspiration! The talent and energy of this performance was superb. I left there on a high.
Kathleen, 18 Sep 2022
What a show!!! Amazing!!
Absolutely outstanding show. Loved every minute of it. Definitely recommend it.
Sarah, 17 Sep 2022
Fantastic story, hugely talented cast (especially the actress/singer who played Tina) and the best singing and dancing at the end. A must see!!!
Claire, 16 Sep 2022
Really excellent production
Elizabeth, 15 Sep 2022
Fantastic Musical
Saw Tina musical and it was grand! Very entertaining, acting/music was suberb. Seats comfortably with legroom.
Sophie, 15 Sep 2022
I’m still excited. Was really great
Ronny, 13 Sep 2022
Too much violence and bad language
I paid £220 for two tickets in dress circle a few months ago for yesterdays performance. Lady sitting NEXT to me paid £45 on the day. That is daylight robbery. Show depicted far too much of her early life. Only bit we enjoyed was the end song when the whole cast came on to take their bows.
Richard, 12 Sep 2022
Fantastic, difficult to stop yourself singing and dancing but chance to join in at the end
Not suitable for children in my opinion, until teens. Fantastic music
Gaynor, 03 Sep 2022
Superb and realistic
The person who plays Tina sounded like the real Tina also has the same physic. Could have been her double. Couldn’t understand though why we were asked to not clap and sing through the performance
Debbie, 02 Sep 2022
Top Class Entertainment
What an absolutely stunning show and performance from the cast. The show was absolutely fantastic and we wouldn't hesitate to visit again should the opportunity arise.
Patrick, 01 Sep 2022
Cold theatre
Brilliant show,!spoilt by a very cold theatre, the air conditioning was far too strong, made a complaint at the interval but nothing was done.
Catherine, 01 Sep 2022
Don't miss this show
The show is fantastic, face paced, great acting and singing. Love the intimacy of the theatre.
ANN, 30 Aug 2022
TheMusicians and actors were amazing love the storyline
A must see. Loved it
Javiel, 29 Aug 2022
Simply the best!
So professional and talented actors! I enjoyed every minute!
Kerstin, 26 Aug 2022
We had a great night
Roxane, 26 Aug 2022
Definitely a must see
From the moment the show started , I was engrossed in the story of Tina.
Jane, 23 Aug 2022
Truly Amazing.
Nothing to dislike, Everything about the show was amazing, been to many musicals but never seen so much detail about Tina Turners life the acting of the story was riveting, The singing out of this world,,well done to all the actors.
Gwilym, 22 Aug 2022
Just Amazing … Simply the best!
What can I say this show is a must see … just captivating from beginning to end.
April, 15 Aug 2022
Outstanding performance
Absolutely blown away. Tina Turner was amazing. Her performance had me in tears. Would return to watch again!!
Sarah, 14 Aug 2022
It'll blow you away
This was my 1st musical/show my wife has been to many . I knew a bit about Tina turners life but the way the show has been cleverly done was so fantastic. The actors and actresses were so professional and the band were awesome .
Ian, 14 Aug 2022
A musical must-see!
Well worth your time and money. Fast paced, visually excellent … a professional and entertaining production. A very memorable musical and of course, the music was wonderful.
DIANA, 14 Aug 2022
One of the best
One of the best shows we have ever see . The music was brilliant. The whole cast made this an evening to never forget. If you get chance you must see this show.
Matthew, 14 Aug 2022
Top notch, Tina was well represented!
Lead performer was phenomenal as was Ike…must see.
Christopher, 14 Aug 2022
Roiling on a River
Fantastic performance across the Boards! Last 20 minutes being an absolute highlight.
Cory, 12 Aug 2022
Excellent west end show
This musical is amazing me,my daughter and granddaughter loved it.the lady that played tima is awesome and the whole cast were great. I would strongly recommend this
Jan, 11 Aug 2022
Lived up to our expectations and more!
We thoroughly enjoyed the show. Good story and well integrated songs. Quirky at times, serious and sad at times. Generally all round excellent. Brilliant costumed and great set changes.
Richard, 07 Aug 2022
Sensational production.
Sensational production, amazing cast. Having seen the real Tina Turner, I forgot this was just a musical of her life! Superbly acted, by all but particularly the Good adaptation of her life.
Mary, 04 Aug 2022
Great show
Impressive performance!
Yohannes, 02 Aug 2022
Hi , I go to a couple of show’s every time I visit London from Dublin. All the shows I’ve seen have been great but this show is is my number One it’s excellent . I would recommend it even if you didn’t like Tina Turner . 10 out of 10
Caroline, 02 Aug 2022
A must see show
This show truly have an overview of Tina’s life ; her talent her suffering and how she taught mick jagger to dance We loved it
Simon, 31 Jul 2022
Wonderful appealing show for all
Unbelievable show and cast Highly recommend going to see
Gary, 30 Jul 2022
5***** Fantastic Show!
Absolutely loved this show! Booked last minute for my mums birthday as she is a huge Tina Turner fan. Fantastic cast. The acting, music, singing, dancing and story line was brilliant. The costumes were spectacular. Could really get a feel for Tina's life. The lighting was excellent and the atmosphere at the end of the show was especially amazing! Would highly recommend to anyone visiting London to see Tina!
Julie, 27 Jul 2022
José Fernando, 25 Jul 2022
Very very good
Me and my daughter really enjoyed it, it was great specially the end bit Where everyone started dancing and singing love it , Thank you
Tony, 23 Jul 2022
Great voices, good acting with lots of energy. Would definitely recommend especially if a Tina fan
Ann, 14 Jul 2022
Best show ever
I have seen most of the west end shows. Some more than once or twice but this was simply the best !
Suzanne, 11 Jul 2022
Amazing story and entertainment
We had such a great time at Tina. Amazing lead actress with a very Tina like voice and act (if you close you eyes you could easily be at a Tina Turner concert at times). The dancing was superb and the young Tina also a fabulous act. Overall though, it was the story that was so emotional. A fantastic show.
Tim, 10 Jul 2022
The lead actor and her powerful presence was just incredible.
Antti, 09 Jul 2022
A fantastic show for anyone and a great tribute for Tina
The storyline is well written and shows the difficulties Tina Turner had to go through - the music shows the whole range from the early hits with Ike to the pop hits she did afterwards. The acting, singing and dancing is fabulous from the whole ensemble!
Alexander, 06 Jul 2022
The show was full of energy. If you feel the need to be uplifted this is the show to see. Would definitely see again.
Brian, 05 Jul 2022
Amazing Performance
This show was amazing, an absolutely stunning performance by all involved especially the lead actress. Whether you’re a fan of Tina Tuner’s music or not, you will no doubt enjoy this show. As the show is based on her life, it is sometimes heartbreaking to see what she went through to get the career she wanted/deserved, but you admire her more for that very reason. The show was brilliant & I would definitely recommend everyone to see it…well done to everyone 👏👏👏
Linda, 02 Jul 2022
Must watch !!
Be ready for a musical that will lift you from your seats!
Roshin, 01 Jul 2022
Tina at her Best
Love live theatre and this show had you bouncing in your seat. Main character was stunning in her acting as Tina with the most amazing voice. Would recommend the show 100%
Barbara, 01 Jul 2022
What an amazing show - the actress playing Tina was amazing I actually thought I was at a Tina concert
Cathyanne, 30 Jun 2022
Show stopping wow
Only advice would be be aware of leg room but most theatres are the same and pre order your drinks as we did because when interval comes there’s a serge to the bar and big ques as you could imagine but being fair to bar staff they coped quite well and ques went down quickly
Geoff, 26 Jun 2022
A must see
Best show in the west end!! Didn’t know quite what to expect.The cast were all outstanding! full of energy. It really takes you on a journey from highs to lows.
Kerry, 26 Jun 2022
Tina turner 2022 may
Considering this was a birthday present for my partner we had an amazing time and view was good, brilliant tunes and acting with fabulous story
Ananda, 25 Jun 2022
Great Singing
Great show, true storyline. Lovely comfortable, cosy theatre. Fantastic finale. If you like, love, Tina, appreciate her singing. Book tickets. My seat A6 for the price was great.
June, 21 Jun 2022
Great story, great performance, stars in the making!
Tim, 19 Jun 2022
Fantastic show
Fantastic show but needs slowing down of some dialogue/ better diction. However amazing cast, amazing songs and the actor who plays Tina is absolutely amazing. Her voice and acting of some of the highly emotional scenes is just incredible.
Gavin, 19 Jun 2022
Off the charts !!!
Awesome show! The energy and performances were outstanding. A must see! The lead was so amazing in not only her vocals but her passion and performance.
Margaret, 18 Jun 2022
Very enjoyable
Great show a lot of fun with tender Episodes audience standing and clapping With the music Staff helpful and friendly
Teri, 18 Jun 2022
Absolutely amazing show
Absolutely amazing show, highly recommended
Matthew, 16 Jun 2022
Real Tina
I had the privilege of seeing Tina in person. The actress has her down cold. Amazing personal story. The songs are still in my mind. I should have brought the CD
Paula, 14 Jun 2022
An amazing experience
Lorraine, 13 Jun 2022
Great show to get a view of the life & trials of Tina Turner.
Lots of talent on that stage. Great voice by the lead actress and also the rest of the cast is colorful and very talented.
Juergen, 10 Jun 2022
Tina is great
The story line is sobbing… but the performance, singing and dancing were marvelous. They captured the true Tina Turner. Loved it!!
Wilson, 07 Jun 2022
A must see
Excellent show, and box office staff excellent, mix up with tickets but all explained and sorted
Lisa, 06 Jun 2022
Love Tina, Love This Show
The cast telling the story of Tina's life and rise to fame was well done. The actress who portrayed Tina in this performance was phenomenal, she was so good, you could believe you were actually watching Tina on the stage.
Sandra, 05 Jun 2022
One of the best shows we have ever seen .
Christine, 02 Jun 2022
You will be in for a treat be prepared. Great storytelling with high energy singing g and dancing. Truly delightful!
Marsha, 02 Jun 2022
Absolutely outstanding performance! Great music and vocals were insane. Cannot recommend enough
Kier, 01 Jun 2022
very entertaining
All round great storey, very well acted and singing of the songs at the highest quality. loved it start to finish.
Richard, 01 Jun 2022
Tina the Musical
This show is a must! The actors are fantastic and Tina is the real thing. One of the best shows in London. The only thing is people clapping along to the songs as I would rather hear the singing without clapping.
Pete, 30 May 2022
Amazing outstanding
Best show ever outstanding performance the emotion and story was really felt Bravo
Cox, 27 May 2022
Amazing, energetic enthralling
The music and musicians rocked , the story of Tina's life was told with great empathy . I loved the backing dancers stage sets and the the actors . A really great show I would highly recommend a night in this lovely theatre
Sandra, 25 May 2022
Excellent story cast superb a must see
David, 24 May 2022
Fantastic from start to finish !
You won't be disappointed with this emotive and overwhelming performance. One of the best west end shows.
Daniel, 24 May 2022
Highly recommend
We were blown away by this show, everything about it was excellent, we want to see it again we have seen many other shows but this really stands out
Jackie, 22 May 2022
The show took you through every emotion. It was absolutely wonderful. The person that played Tina was out of the world? She must have spent hours studying Tina Turner, all her moves and voice were spot on, so much so It could have been the real been the real Tina. Definitely one too see.
Liz, 20 May 2022
This was absolutely brilliant show brilliant acting and singing absolutely unbelievable
Colin, 19 May 2022
Well done story line and great music
The show improved as it progressed. There were problems with the sound, especially in the first half, including late 'turning on' of the singers microphone
Cindy, 17 May 2022
A wonderful musical story with a dark side.
I loved the energy of all the cast, and if I closed my eyes it really was Tina Turner on the stage. The finale was spectacular.
John, 16 May 2022
The best show I have seen for many years. It could have been Tina Turner herself singing. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done everyone attached to the show.
Jenni, 16 May 2022
Enjoyed every minute
The leading lady was amazing, the supporting cast were all great. The singing was excellent and the dancing energetic loved it.
Pauline, 16 May 2022
An Entertaining Performance
The show was great reflection on the life of Tina Tuner. It was clear the cast were passionate about their performance, which made a fanatic night out for us.
Mark, 15 May 2022
A must see musical
Truly an amazing show 10 out of 10
Iain, 15 May 2022
Great show. As a allTina Turner fan The story the acting singing was superb! An enjoyable afternoon out! Go if you get the chance you won’t be disappointed!
Holly, 15 May 2022
Creative a must see
Great show and a fantastic cast with big voices
Polyvios, 14 May 2022
The show was amazing very powerful story
Gloria, 13 May 2022
Worth it
Starred a bit slow but got better as we got into it. Nailed Tina's voice. Maybe head mics would improve the sound quality a bit.
Ian, 11 May 2022
Absolutely sensational
This show is not to be missed!! It’s fabulous from start to finish. The lead is so like Tina and what an incredible voice. Dancers, actors, music and singing was amazing. Loved it.
Fiona, 10 May 2022
Absolutely mind blowing show
I can’t rate this highly enough, from start to finish absolutely mind blowing performance’s.
Craig, 03 May 2022
Wonderful, absolutely fabulous
Stunning performance of the Tina actress. Powerful voices. The show lets you relive Tina Turners life and career combined with her top acts - very emotional. We spent a wonderful evening at the Aldwych with our friends.
Thomas, 01 May 2022
Fabulous show for all ages.
I took my daughters in law and granddaughters, age range 78 to 15 and we absolutely loved it. We had a fabulous evening. Can’t recommend it enough.
Jan, 30 Apr 2022
Absolutely amazing Tina was fantastic
What a fantastic show about Tina Turners music career. Acting was great young girl who played Tina was really good and you could take the lead as Tina herself. Was blown away by the show.
Debbie, 29 Apr 2022
Must see
The show was full of energy and inspiring. So entertaining would see again and recommend to everyone
Lorraine, 25 Apr 2022
A wonderful show from start to finish which tells Tina's story from her childhood until now told in song and dance.
Mark, 25 Apr 2022
Tina Turner Musical
Absolutely fantastic show would recommend
Terri, 25 Apr 2022
Top Musical
Seen most shows and this one is probably the best!!
David, 24 Apr 2022