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Tina - The Tina Turner Musical

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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

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Saturday, 31 May 2025

Running time
2 hours 45 minutes

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The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll is coming to the West End! Tina Turner is producing a musical, aptly named TINA, about her life – the multi-Grammy Award-winning singer, whose career spans seven decades, will open the show at the Aldwych Theatre in March 2018. This promises to be a real highlight in the 2018 calendar, so book those tickets now!

Turner’s extensive songbook includes such classics as ‘River Deep, Mountain High’, ‘Simply The Best’ and ‘Proud Mary’, which across her career won her 11 Grammy awards, sold over 180 million records and inducted her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with more concert tickets sold than any other solo performer in history.

TINA will tell of the singer’s life, from growing up in Nutbush, Tennessee, through her turbulent partnership with Ike Turner, to defying the bounds of age, gender and race as a successful recording artist with multi-platinum albums and a James Bond theme song to her name. The production will be directed by Phyllida Lloyd, whose last West End production was the still-running global success, Mamma Mia!. Lloyd brings back a number of her collaborators, including choreographer Anthony van Laast, designer Mark Thompson and musical supervisor Nicholas Skilbeck, to lend their magical touch to TINA.

Tickets for TINA are currently on sale from 21 March – 16 June 2018. Book now and enjoy a rock ‘n’ roll highlight of 2018.

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Young Couples:

Wonderful, well worth the visit
Excellent story of Tina’s life. The finale had everyone on their feet. The audience left on a high, would recommend it to all
Thomas, 13 Apr 2024
Out of this world
Excellent singing and acting wonderful show
Kim, 13 Apr 2024
Incredible - Simply the Best!
Booked as an extra thing to do for a busy trip to London - ended up being the highlight of my trip and haven’t stopped raving about it to anyone who will listen. The cast and musicians were incredible but Karis Anderson as Tina was undoubtedly the best performer in any show I’ve seen. Would come back in a heartbeat!
Holly, 12 Apr 2024
Powerful Story of a Powerful Woman
Gives a moving précis of her troubled life: effectively told, with humour and direct but brief reference to her personal relationship difficulties. Think for mature teenagers upwards. Stage effects really great, loud bright and colourful. Would recommend, to fans and curious as not too late to appreciate her talents.
Anthony, 12 Apr 2024
Karis Anderson was 'simply the best'. The show was absolutely amazing from the actors, the musicians, to the costumes. The theatre staff were super and were quick to approach the disrespectful people who were constantly on their mobile phones during the performance.
Maria, 12 Apr 2024
Entertaining evening captivating storyline great musical
Staff very friendly and customer service oriented. Paid attention to details. Story, acting, dancing and singing were top notch.
Louis, 03 Apr 2024
Outstanding music loved it !!
Simon, 03 Apr 2024
Must see
Sherene, 03 Apr 2024
Simply The Best!!
I had seen the performance a year or so ago with my partner. My daughter treated me to see it again with her and it was just as good as before - I would STRONGLY recommend everyone and anyone to go along - the emotive performances of all the actors (specifically Tina) were a joy to witness.
Tessa, 02 Apr 2024
Powerful and exceptional
I loved the show ! The singer actress is unbelievable and she has an incredible and powerful voice. She really reminds me of Tina. The general acting was excellent, the story of Tina is well adapted and the show helps understand what her life was for those who didn’t know. I’m French and next time I come to London I want to see the show again. What a great experience in a beautiful theatre !
Evelyne, 31 Mar 2024
Must see
A fantastic show from start to finish. Brilliantly acted and sung. Beautifully choreographed,colourful & vibrant. A wonderful cast. Loved it!
Mamode R, 31 Mar 2024
Absolutely outstanding storytelling was fantastic music brilliant, actors amazing
Julie, 31 Mar 2024
The performances were all fantastic, the music and all the singers were brilliant. The only thing l didn’t like was the occasional bad language, but unfortunately this is a sign of the times we now live in. Other than the language l would thoroughly recommend this totaly amazing production.
Dan, 30 Mar 2024
Fantastic show worth watching
Tavey, 28 Mar 2024
High energy with a very powerful story
Very clever how the storyline evolved and how the singing match the mood and situation. Tina seemed to come alive the further in we got. I was waiting for the full force of her voice and by god she didn’t disappoint
Jules, 28 Mar 2024
Wonderful night!!
It was a wonderful night, the musical is fantastic, the actors are outstanding and the pace is very dynamic, just loved it
Christiane P, 28 Mar 2024
Brilliant musical
Full of talented singers, actors and dancers.
Sheila, 28 Mar 2024
Stunning show. Exceeded all my expectations
Brendan, 26 Mar 2024
Must see, great talent, hugely entertaining
If you never went to a Tina Turner live concert this show will complete that gap
Robert, 24 Mar 2024
Absolutely brilliant a joy to watch.
A very emotional powerful, story telling, everyone has heard of Tina Turner, but the life she had to the life she got was brilliant played out. The music was powerful, the actors were great, and Tina herself blinding. What a voice. It’s was loud but once you get into the story, you just listen, and watch.
Janice, 24 Mar 2024
Absolutely amazing, fantastic crew, fantastic singing, in fact quite moving with tears in my eyes on several occasions.
Claire, 24 Mar 2024
Brilliant show
Brilliant show well worth the money I paid good story and the music and singing were out of this world I would go again when I'm In London again
STEPHEN MARK, 23 Mar 2024
Knockout performance.
A first class show, if I didn't know better it was like watching and listening to Tina Turner.The lady playing Tina is a star in her own right. One last word, WOW.xx
Alex, 23 Mar 2024
Best Lead Actress
The Lead Actress was better than the real Tina Turner she depicted - what an amazing talent!!!
Birgit, 23 Mar 2024
Very ideep
Very deep with Tina’s upbringing and relationships. I think the domestic abuse was detailed to deep and dramatized in to much show. Although Tina did suffer abusive relationships she was a powerful and successful lady and I believe the show would have benefited more from showing her great achievements
peter, 23 Mar 2024
Great Experience
Great acting, vocals and musicians
Andrew, 22 Mar 2024
Theresa, 22 Mar 2024
Wonderful show
Excellent show sometimes a little hard to understand the Dialogue. Wonderful main actor with amazing voice
Elizabeth, 21 Mar 2024
Great show, great impersonator !
My first musical in London ! 30 actors-singers-dancers and musicians on stage. The actress playing Tina's part is amazing, same build, same gestures,same dance moves. Highly recommanded !
Olivier, 20 Mar 2024
Its a powerfull and beautiful story and the actors can really sing!
Marianne, 20 Mar 2024
Great singing
Tina was excellent, not suitable for young children.
JIM, 19 Mar 2024
The acting, the music, the ambience everything was outstanding. I want to watch it again.
Claudine, 17 Mar 2024
Great show with good music
The show was lovely. Music and actors were great
Taryn, 16 Mar 2024
A musical extravaganza!
Tina's story was told very well. Tina was played superbly. The special effects were amazing!
Janet, 15 Mar 2024
This show delivered so much more than I expected. It was truly amazing! Tina was outstanding as was all the cast! A definite must see
Janette, 13 Mar 2024
Took my sister Tina to see Tina Turner and it was outstanding.
Don't think you could improve on this . It was Tina herself amazing.
Florence, 13 Mar 2024
Terrific show but with a disappointing interruptionn
It was clear something was wrong with a much-too-long intermission, but I have never before seen actors walk off and stop a play mid-scene. What was that all about? And wasn’t that a different lead actress in the first scene after the break? Very stange. It stopped the flow. The actors did regroup and the ending songs were amazing and full of energy. Glad the cast rallied for a strong ending!
Margaret, 13 Mar 2024
Great performance from all
Jacqueline, 13 Mar 2024
What a performance! Even with a couple of unexpected technical difficulties it was a great show. Everyone in the show was great but Tina was amazing! Gave me goosebumps.
Claire, 13 Mar 2024
Show ok, theater to be renewed
Show was OK, stage too small and theater too old, needs renovation.
Franco, 13 Mar 2024
A must see musical!!!
Can’t sing/dance during the show which was abit disappointing, BUT the ending has an amazing atmosphere where everyone gets up and sings so guess it builds up. Amazing show would go to see this show again!!
Courtney, 13 Mar 2024
Excellent show. Our seats K15-16 really good view of stage.
Donna, 12 Mar 2024
Such energy!
Loved the show. The sets were creative, the cast were great and the the music enjoyable. The lead was dynamic and captured Tina to perfection. Fantastic
Valerie, 11 Mar 2024
Vocal extraordinaire
Brilliant night apart from the Toilet facilities.
David, 10 Mar 2024
It was just fantastic, Great story!
Jo, 10 Mar 2024
Lively feel good musical
From beginning to end keeps you riveted to the story
wayne, 10 Mar 2024
Simply the best!
Very entertaining and fantastic acting and singing.
DEBORAH, 08 Mar 2024
A superb show
There was nothing to dislike. Sometimes difficult to hear the words at the beginning because of the accents.
Joan, 07 Mar 2024
De var ok.
Steen, 07 Mar 2024
Brilliant night
A must see
Margaret, 07 Mar 2024
Singing and acting was unbelievable
Timothy, 07 Mar 2024
Its awsome show. We did have the great evning. 😘😘🤩🤩🤩
This is so great show. We love Tina Turner and the main actor is just like Tina here self.
Anna Maria, 05 Mar 2024
Good Feel Factor
Would recommend this show for that good feel factor, great story of an Icon abd well told with terrific cast
Brian, 03 Mar 2024
Exceptionally brilliant
Best musical I've seen
Sue, 01 Mar 2024
Best show I have ever seen. I felt like I was watching Tina at her concert. I will be back to see it again.
Claire, 01 Mar 2024
Absolutely amazing
This was a birthday treat for my friend and did not disappoint! I’ve seen Tina once before in 23 but this show was even better than that , !would happily come to see it again!keep up the good work !
Lorraine, 29 Feb 2024
Brown away
We were totally Brown away by a fantastic musical - better than expected
Tove Fløe, 28 Feb 2024
loved the show actors were fabulous including the youngsters. Takes a lot to perform in front of a huge auience excellent
Linda, 28 Feb 2024
Omg it was Awesome! Electrifying, absolute stunning dancing, choreography, and a must watch musical!
The show is brilliant, all ages will enjoy.
Lavanya, 28 Feb 2024
Stunning and Fantastic...across from America!
I'm in London for business travel and got tickets to see Tina Turner last minute. It was absolutely fantastic! Every ounce of energy from the stage was felt in the audience and the music at the end was a wonderful surprise. Looking forward to seeing it again!
Carmen, 24 Feb 2024
One hell of a musical
This si a show that has it all, the sadness in Tina's early musical days leading to a rousing performance as she developes into a rightful star in her own name. The atmosphere at the end when the audience are invited to stand and sing Nutsbush and Proud Mary is one hell of an experience you rarely get in a show.
Alan, 24 Feb 2024
Excellent moving well acted
Show was fabulous acting staging and storytelling. The music was brilliant and finale like being at a Tina turner concert.
irene, 23 Feb 2024
A fun and exhilarating show, but with a touch of sadness due to Tina Turners life story. Fantastic music with dancing at the end.
Michelle, 23 Feb 2024
Fantastic show
Fantastic show, sing, dancing and acting fabulous Started over 30 minutes late, no reason given, Queues for the ladies were horrendous, ladies were going into the men’s, which my husband was horrified, as queues were so long didn’t have time to enjoy our drink
Wendy, 23 Feb 2024
What a totally amazing show, Phenomenal👏👏👏🎉🎉
Rachel, 22 Feb 2024
A Journey Through Emotions
By the end of act 1 I was bawling my eyes out. This woman lived through racism, sexism, domestic abuse, and so much more and still found strength to continue on. By the end of act 2, she was empowering and reminded the audience of the resilience of the human spirit. What an incredible voice from the lead and an honor to learn her complex story through this talented cast and crew. Thank you for an amazing evening.
Josefino, 21 Feb 2024
Incredible energy and music
Amazing energy and the music is wonderful. Incredible acting, singing and dancing. This is a must see show. You will leave feeling exhausted.
Stephen, 21 Feb 2024
Excellent show would recommend
John, 21 Feb 2024
warts and all !!
A very good alround show from everyone including backstage.I am sure that the majority of the audience had a background knowledge of the music of Tina Turner a few would be shocked by the level of violence Tina endured.I felt this was handled well by the writers and cast and wasn't just glossed over.Well done everyone!!!
david, 19 Feb 2024
Superb performers. Absolutely brilliant.
David, 18 Feb 2024
Incredible!!! 10/10
Paula, 18 Feb 2024
Absolutely amazing
The lead of Tina was fantastic as was the rest of the cast, loved every minute of it
Janet, 18 Feb 2024
First time at the theatre and it did not disappoint. Superb acting, great choreography and the singing was absolutely on point. Great show, great experience.
RObert, 17 Feb 2024
Topics a little heavy but enjoyable
Music great, and artists fantastic. Wonderful voices Near the end became way too loud, almost painful.
Donald, 16 Feb 2024
It was a show within a show , learnt everything about Tina and became a fan and wow the music and performances where incredible
Gary, 14 Feb 2024
Great show shame about cast talking at rear of theatre … should have know better
We attended your 7 o’clock showing on the 13/2/24. Really disappointed as towards the end of the show, cast members stood behind the rear door of the stalls, (we were sitting at the back) talking and laughing. This was really disappointing, as we could hear what was being said in the show. Also thought they should have know better.
Louise, 14 Feb 2024
Musique,mise en scène , chanteuse exceptionnelle, courez-y
Nathalie, 14 Feb 2024
Brilliant, simply the best!
Tina, it’s one of the best shows i have seen, the cast were brilliant, be prepared for some fantastic singing, dancing but also the story of her life.
Linda, 14 Feb 2024
Fantastic Show
This is a wonderful show. I enjoyed the whole experience and would thoroughly recommend this show..
Etta, 13 Feb 2024
Valentines weekend
Tina / wicked & ABBA 4 day stay WOW
Stewart, 13 Feb 2024
Simply the best. A must see.
This was one of the best shows I have seen. The cast were energetic, had fabulous voices and played out the life story of Tina Turner so well, it just drew you in. You forget you were in a theater and were watching Tina's eventful life appear before you. You know when a show is great, when it was over before you realised. Highly recommend.
Dominic, 11 Feb 2024
The vest show I have ever seen. Music was great, acti g was great. Story was very moving
Colin, 10 Feb 2024
Just wow!!
I didn't have any expectations, not knowing much about Tina's life and only knowing the most famous songs but this show blew me away. It was sad, funny, hard hitting and everything in between. And the ending was fantastic. The actors all did an amazing job portraying the characters at various times in their lives and making it very realistic. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and I'd definitley recommend it, maybe not to younger people, but even then, they would appreciate the sheer talent involved even if they didn't know the songs.
Vicky, 10 Feb 2024
Not to be missed! Amazing Show💃
Absolutely fabulous show. The cast were superb and came out feeling on a real high. Will definitely be booking again 💃 Took my mum for her 84th Birthday and she was up dancing too🎂
Louise, 10 Feb 2024
Uplifting show
Really great show music was excellent
Sue, 09 Feb 2024
A must see.
The show was incredible. The actress who played Tina was amazing. I got goosebumps listening to her she sounded so like Tina. It’s a small, cozy theater, but in no way did that detract from the experience.
Anne, 09 Feb 2024
Absolutely brilliant!
A friend chose this show for us to see and I'm so glad she did. Probably one of the best shows I have seen, brilliant performance and I would definitely watch it again!
Madeleine, 09 Feb 2024
By far the best thing I have ever seen on stage, this show was stunning from start to finish!
Michael, 08 Feb 2024
Full of energy
If you like Tina Turner songs this is your show. Great singer. It combines songs with dialogues so it is easier to understand the plot.
Sandra, 07 Feb 2024
Ok show
A bit too long and lost it’s way in the middle, it didn’t light my fire but music was great
Peter Keith, 07 Feb 2024
Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Good music, excellent actors and fun participation by audience!!
Stewart, 07 Feb 2024
Simple timeline of Tina
Great singing from all actors. Brilliant atmosphere. Just felt the emotional element was missing. The story itself is such an emotional one, but I didn’t feel thag from watching the show.
Tam, 07 Feb 2024
Tina was Simply the Best
Im not uch of a theatre person but both my Wife and I thought Tina was AMAZING a definate must see. We enjoyed every minute of it. The singing was outstanding, the acting was brilliant, the lighting, the storyline, costumes everything about the show was flawless. If you don't go to see Tina, you will regret it and you will miss out. Tina is up there as one of the best shows we've seen.
Giovanni, 06 Feb 2024
5 stars!!!
I could not fault this show. The acting, the cast, the music was outstanding! Would pay to see it again.
Sharon, 05 Feb 2024
Tina - what a show !
superb show made up for the expensive restricted view seats
Brian, 04 Feb 2024
Tina (Simply the Best)
The story covers the whole of the Career and Times of Tina Turner from her involvement with Ike Turner to her eventual Solo Career, created a new Direction and massive success story which lasted through to the end of her life. A story of success and survival in a difficult industry but determination and talent wins through with support and self belief, a Great Life Story and reproduced in this wonderful production, great Casting and comes together for a Great Entertaining and moving Experience, Loved it! Roger Williams
ROGER, 04 Feb 2024
Definitely top of the crop
An excellent experience. Cannot fault it AT ALL.
Samkeliso, 04 Feb 2024
Simply the best!
Very organised entry, quick & easy. Friendly, helpful staff. Good pre order option via text message, drinks ready for you at the interval. Card only, no cash. Clean toilets. Great audience participation at the end. Perfect day out.
Susan, 01 Feb 2024
The one and only
Fabulous show from the first bar of music until the final note. The music was great, the acting superb and the lead actress was fabulous. The story of Tina Turner was non stop from being to end and I would recommend it to everyone.
Terry, 01 Feb 2024
Absolutely brilliant performance, well done to all
Paul, 31 Jan 2024