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Aldwych Theatre Seating Plan

Aldwych Theatre seating plan

Built in 1905 as one of a pair, together with the Novello, the Aldwych theatre has been restored in keeping with the grandeur and opulence of its legendary hotel neighbour. The auditorium of the Aldwych is beautifully adorned with Georgian-style reliefs in the period-specific colours of green and gold. Exactly 1129 seats are split over three levels; stalls, royal circle and upper circle. The auditorium takes its curved shape from the stage, delivering excellent views of the action.

The stalls

The stalls section in divided into three quadrants by two aisles on the left and right side of the house. The front section provides the clearest views of the stage and the dress circle overhang doesn't encroach on these seats. The front ten rows are directly parallel to the stage, but after that they start to curve around to the left and right, causing slight side-on views. Luckily, the overhang of the dress circle is very high up and doesn't obstruct the view from even the very back of the stalls. The auditorium slopes steeply upwards away from the stage, allowing audiences excellent sightlines over other patrons’ heads. Some seats on the front three rows on the extreme left and right can have sightline issues, since the proscenium arch has a tendency to block views for some productions.

The dress circle

The dress circle is situated one level up from the stalls. This balcony is comprised of one section, rather than a divided block like the stalls. Although physically set high above the stalls, the dress circle does not feel distant from the stage; in fact, it feels, if anything, closer than many of the seats in the Stalls section. The first two rows bend round sharply to the left and right, causing side on views of the stage at the end quarters of these rows.

The upper circle

Although very high up, the upper circle is totally unobstructed in its view down onto the stage. However, being set so far away from the set and actors can tend to put an emotional barrier between you and the action. After the front three rows there's a gap for the aisle, then a further seven or eight more rows taking you right to the back of the venue.

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